Rancho Peñasquitos

Rancho Peñasquitos, or PQ is a good-sized planned community within the city limits of San Diego. The area is bounded by the 15 to its east and Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve to its south. Highway 56 runs through the area, connecting to coastal Interstate 5 and providing access to the beaches. Black Mountain Road goes through the area vertically facilitating north-south travel.

Plenty of parks and nature reserves in and around the area provide a place to pursue outdoor activities. Black Mountain Open Space Park takes up a good bit of the land area in Rancho Peñasquitos. Cliffs and valleys, plateaus and canyons give the more of a Southwestern desert feel than a typical Southern California aura. Residents take pride in the appearance of their homes in Rancho Peñasquitos.

The commendable Poway School District takes care of this North County Inland community. There are many families and therefore lots of children living in PQ. The community’s plan limited commercial zoning, so while there are small conveniences, residents looking for the typical variety of national chains at which to shop, eat, and do business normally take a trip to one of the larger nearby areas, either Poway or Escondido.