Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach, also known as PB to locals, is situated vertically between La Jolla and Mission Beach. Interstate 5 runs along the eastern border. Originally populated primarily by a younger, fun-loving community, the average age is increasing due to the higher real estate costs.  The beach features a popular boardwalk that runs for more than 3 miles along the coastline. Residents also enjoy the well-known Crystal Pier, and tourists stay at its associated hotel.

Pacific Beach’s proximity to the water and vibrant nightlife (concentrated toward the south and west) attract surfers, college students, and many young working-class singles as well as families. As one travels north in Pacific Beach, approaching La Jolla, the environment becomes more of an upscale residential neighborhood, but still affordable compared to La Jolla proper. The community has been developing since the 1880s and continues to evolve. Attractions in the surrounding areas include Sea World, Santa Clara Point Recreation Center, the Northern Wildlife Preserve, Mission Bay Park, and the Ocean Beach Athletic Area.

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