La Jolla

La Jolla is a famous and very affluent coastal community and resort area in what is considered Central San Diego. While some people think of La Jolla as a city of its own, it is indeed a community of greater San Diego. La Jolla itself consists of several smaller neighborhoods. It is framed by Torrey Pines State Park at its northern end, and Interstate 5 runs along its eastern edge. Lots tend to be large, and homes in the hills have panoramic views of the ocean. Beachfront properties can be luxurious but are sometimes relatively more affordable when compared to the overall area.

The public school system that serves the La Jolla area is highly rated. The University of California San Diego brings many students to the area and offers economic opportunities for residents. A huge biotech industry is another source of employment. Classy restaurants, luxurious hotels, exclusive boutiques, and art galleries attract many prominent figures to the area. Land carries a high value – prices are some of the highest in the U.S. – and homeowners make sure that their residences are of an according standard. Gorgeous architecture with unique aesthetic details dominates the La Jolla landscape.